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 Solent Amateur Astronomers

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Talks Programme

Timetable of Talks for 2022/2023
Dates Subject Speaker
18th January Einstein's Universe Colin Stuart
15th February A Megaconstellation Threat Dr Paul Daniels (FAS)
15th March The Plato Mission

Prof Donald Pollacco (University of Warwick)
19th April Ancient Visitors Steve Bosley (HAG)
17th May Jupiter Rising Dr John Rogers
21st June The Moon Jerry Workman (Director of the BAA Historical Section)
19th July Jeremiah Horrocks - A Curious Astronomer Mike Frost
16th August Tides James Fradgley
20th September T.B.C T.B.C
18th October Annual General Meeting Everyone
15th November T.B.C T.B.C
13th December T.B.C T.B.C

We host a comprehensive range of talks, currently via Zoom, both members and non-members are invited.

Non-members will need to register their interest; please send an email to:

saazoomtalk@outlook.com  For subject please enter – ‘SAA Talk’

Please include your name. You can add a comment or question to the email if you wish.

Members and registered non-members will be sent the Zoom link approximately 2 days before the date of the Meeting.

Talks are pitched at all levels, from 1st year undergraduate down to beginners' level. Speakers have available to them a digital projector. Subjects have covered everything from the history of astronomy to the history of the universe; stellar spectroscopy to the way astronomy and astronomical events are viewed by the media.

Our speakers have included the Astronomer Royal of Scotland and Chris Lintott from the Sky at Night.

They occur on the 3rd Tuesday of each month - (2nd Tuesday in December) - and non-members are welcome to attend.

The talks begin at 7:30 pm prompt, please don't be late.

Talks last for 1 hour, on average, followed by questions.