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 Solent Amateur Astronomers

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Observatory and Open Nights
Timetable of Open Nights - 2019/2020
Dates Open Time On View
July N/A No Opening Due to Length of Twilight
Monday 12th August 8:30 pm Perseid Meteors; Moon 93% rises 19:10
Friday 6th & Saturday 7th September 8:30 pm

M13 (globular cluster), Albireo, M57, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon (after Midnight)

Friday 27th & Saturday 28th September 8:30 pm

M31, M32 & M110 (Andromeda Galaxy with satellite galaxies), M13 (globular cluster), Saturn & Neptune.

Friday 25th & Saturday 26th October 7:30 pm

No Moon, Saturn (low), M2, M15, M13, M57, Double Cluster.

Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd November 7:30 pm Pleiades, Orion Nebula, M15, M13, M35, M36, M37 & M38.
Friday 6th & Saturday 7th December 7:30 pm

Gibbous Moon, Uranus, Neptune, Double Cluster & M31 (Andromeda Galaxy)

Friday 17th & Saturday 18th January 7:30 pm No Moon, Hyades, Pleiades, M42 (Orion Neb) M44, M31
Friday 28th & Saturday 29th February 7:30 pm Moon (crescent), Venus (low), M44, Hyades, Orion
Friday 27th & Saturday 28th March 7:30 pm Moon (thin Crescent), Venus, Pleiades, Double Cluster, M65, M66 (part of the Leo Triplet)
Friday 24th & Saturday 25th April 8:30 pm Venus, M44, M81, M82 (all galaxies)
Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd May 9:30 pm M13, M5, M44, Double Stars.
Map of Rownhams Observatory Map showing location of Observatory, click on image to enlarge.  Then click on browser back button to return to web page.
Online Map of Toothill

The club's observatory at Toothill is located in a relatively dark site just outside Southampton, see map below.

It is open to the public on the dates to the left.  Each session is open ended, we stay until we've had enough or the weather closes in.

Members admitted free.  Non-members: adults £2,  children 50p.

Toilets and free parking are available.

The observatory contains:

  • 14" Meade telescope
  • 8" Meade LX90
  • 6" Celestron Nexstar SE
  • 20 x 80 binoculars
  • Computer with desktop planetarium
The design of the 14" telescope is such that users remain seated, so it is suitable for wheelchair users.


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