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 Solent Amateur Astronomers

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About Us and How to Join
About us
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In 1972 14 keen amateur astronomers from the Southampton area realised something was missing in their lives: a society that would pool their resources of time, money and knowledge. Each person knew a fair amount about the subject, but also each knew that the others complemented their knowledge.

Thus Solent Amateur Astronomers was founded and quickly grew to its present size of 50 to 60 members.

Why Join
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Privileges of membership comprise:
  • Hire of a 6" Goto Celestron Nexstar Telescope
  • Attendance at monthly talks
  • Receipt of monthly newsletter
  • Option to become an observatory Key holder
How to Join
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To join, simply fill out and return the membership form. Details of fees and membership types are shown below.

The membership year begins on 1st September but rates are pro-rated by quarter when joining during the year.

There are 4 types of membership: Family, Single, Single Reduced and Life.

Table Showing Type and price of Membership
Membership Type Full Year Dec to Feb Mar to May Jun to Aug
Family £35.00 £26.25 £17.50 £8.75
Single £28.00 £21.00 £14.00 £7.00
Reduced Single £21.00 £15.75 £10.50 £5.25
Life membership £280.00

The Reduced Single rates are offered to minors, the unemployed and OAP's.

Family rates confer membership on the whole family but only 1 newsletter is dispatched per household.

Further details are in the information pack.

Renewals are made via the renewals form. To download a copy, click the link.

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The Committee
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The club is run by a committee of 7 who work within the framework of a constitution

The more senior positions are:
  • a President, who acts as a figurehead;
  • a chairman, who presides over meetings and provides leadership;
  • a vice-chairman, who deputises for the above;
  • a treasurer;
  • a secretary

Solent Amateur Astronomers has received grants from various sources in the past and gratefully acknowledges their generosity.

They are:

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Awards for All Logo